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    So I'll attempt to post this based on the types of things in the system with a general over view in this post being the first. More specifics will be laid out in Character Generation and again based on specific locations that are in the works.

    affraid However for now I'll post a little chat I had as a means of holding a place for my full lay out

    I'm capping Wolves to 8 players
    at least at first.
    They will only be urban wolves (if they dont pack they will likely be picked off)
    I'm going to allow players to take on the Pure
    and have up to 3 packs worth of them outside the city
    Esentially at some point after the great wars the pure finally over took the already embattled wolves
    they dont know what was going on in the city but they've esentially won the war so to speak on the island
    The wolves will learn in game that their defeat came at the hands of other Shapechangers who used the war, famines, illnesses, and general chaos to wage and gurilla war on them and police the wolves
    and the Pure just got tipped off to finish the dirty work
    As such in London proper the Pure dont fuck with the other shape changers (Much)
    so they have been able to really take hold and group in ways otherwise impossible
    They have formed their own little governing bodies and alliences with other changers
    Most populus are the Corvid, Bug, and Rodent types
    mainly because in london they have more rats then humans by 4 to one odds
    and more birds then humans by 2 to one
    Also due to the decreased vampire presence they've had a long time to establish breeding lines etc
    I'm going to limit other changers in that they must have something that would drive them to take a form other then common city animals like spiders, rats, ravens, etc
    ie I'm indian and a hindu so I want a monkey or snake etc
    so specific more exotic not native animals will be limited to experienced players with good background stories
    kuno1999: interesting
    Brand: That said I'm going to ask players to work with me in establishing relations between groups
    kuno1999: Sounds like you're bascly inviting players to kill eachothers PC's
    Brand: Ie the issues of the rising poverty and punk movements of the 80s has stressed each groups ability work
    Well I'm going to make playing a werewolf in a crowed urban populas very risky and harsh
    because lets face it there is not one area of london without some servailence system
    There is no where without lots of people
    and wolves no longer exist in the region
    so making more wolves, hiding etc would be nearly impossible
    so your walking on egg shells all the time
    Those players who take wolves will get bonus stats to help them survive but will basicly all be hunted by the rest of the system.
    kuno1999: O.o
    Brand: SO I'm really just deviding it like a Cam and Sabbat game from OWoD
    kuno1999: And inviting them to kill eachother
    Brand: in theory the wolves screwed up and are on a massive downward spiral as other things take over
    well hopefully I get some asst st's to help
    kuno1999: Wasn't that hte problem so far? No one to even run it, let alone assist?
    Brand: and they systems will have their own plots. But yes Say a Rat and bird see a wolf man they could easily try and pick it off with enough friends
    I'm gonna run it
    I'll just need an asst as more people join
    kuno1999: I thought you dn't want to
    Brand: idk to start I will and if someone wants the job it will be theres
    but yes I'm going to allow players to kill each other if it fits the story and area
    kuno1999: But again, you're inviting people to PvP... Basicly to make a char for the sole purpose of killing ohters
    Brand: it'd still be stupid for a raven to take a wolf on
    but a murder of ravens catch it
    and it's endangering something they control
    then yes they could try and bring it down
    kuno1999: *sigh*
    Brand: its the World of Darkness, the wolves attempted to kill the others off still. Limited resources means they will have to struggle to survive. Some players will take the challenge
    if you dont want it then play another non wolf shifter
    kuno1999: I'm sorry
    All I'm hearing is "make characters to kill"
    Brand: in theory we shouldnt see to many wolves
    kuno1999: *nods*
    Well, I never intended to play a Wolf anyways
    I will probably stick with a bird
    What sort of structure will the non-wolves have? I mean... Is it every man for themselves
    Brand: no
    I'm thinking each major group will have its own unique sort of political structure and then they will have ambasidors to each other and possible parlament type gatherings in times of stress
    The Rats I imagine as being devided tribally like along family lines with specific cheifs
    the birds i see as being more a mirror of britians actual parlament
    Spiders I'm thinking might have a matriarch
    then there can be lots of inner political intrigue by group and especially between them
    cause to hold dominence they have to work togehter
    but lets face it the guys a rat Very Happy
    as for the randoms like the immigrent snakes and monkey etc they will likely have to ink out a place for themselves
    i mean some would be more useful to x group then y if they sort of sold themselves as something. Like say a gurilla could sell himself as an inforcer for the birds

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